Maybe as a photographer I am a tightrope dancer. I'm fascinated by transitions, crossroads, meeting points and borders. Symbolically. Night and day, still and moving, behaviour and identity, kronos and kairos, pure stories and their visual abstraction. 

I love the music in things and in people. I'm the traveller, always looking for a place to land, where it's warm and real. Sneaking in my eyes will massage the scene until I find a small gesture, signs revealing the sensitive spot .

When you find the vulnerability, it is almost always somehow beautiful. 



Hilde De Windt is Brussels born, currently Antwerp based. 
She has always been a storyteller, in writing and in visual. Having been a radiomaker for many years, she evoked the visual in audio. Later she turned to video and tv,  inventing programmes, making reportages as a journalist for VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster. Later she started to combine all this in web based, sometimes interactive stories, including photography. 

She took Scandinavian studies & literature at Ghent University.  Much later she followed another part of her heart, devoting her time to photography. She got a BA Fine Arts in documentary Photography at the Royal Academy in The Hague.


She keeps on working on her own personal projects. She’s fascinated by humans and how they are dealing with their fate and their identity, how time is, or is not, on their side, personal yet universal at the same time. 

Photographing allows her to wonder about it, and to understand. The documentary part of photography could be seen as an extension of her journalistic work. In her autonomous photography she is re-imagining this fascination.